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Jean-Pierre Rasle to score the augmented reality walk, ‘Eleanor’

Mutiny is working with early music specialist, Jean-Pierre Rasle, developing a new score for ‘Eleanor’ which has been written by Imogen Hermes-Gowar, as part of Future and Form. The work combines new writing, augmented reality and a walk through mediaeval Norwich, which can also be experienced at home.

Simon Poulter, who is co-producing the project for Mutiny said:

“It’s really exciting to work with Jean-Pierre on the music for the walking experience through Norwich. He has been able to recreate authentic music from the period using traditional instruments. We hope this will add to the sense of being located in the early 1400s in Norwich.”

Jean-Pierre Rasle has worked with a wide range of musicians including Jah Wobble, The Albion Band and Marillion.