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  • When a twin dies, after due consultation with a priest, the parents commission a wooden ibeji sculpture that would subsequently be treated by the parents, particularly the mother like the living twin Explore the Work


    A re-telling of history with a sacred object

    ‘Provenance’ brings to vivid life the story of twins born yet separated, and the afterlife of their togetherness in the form of the sacred object. Known as Ibeji amongst the Yoruba of southwest Nigeria, twins are traditionally revered as gods. When a twin dies, after due consultation with a priest, the parents commission a wooden sculpture that would subsequently be treated by the parents, particularly the mother like the living twin.

    Ayòbámi Adébáyò

    Ayòbámi is a graduate of UEA’s MA in Creative Writing and the author of the…

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  • Peter and Mona walking on Cley Marsh in Norfolk, UK. Explore the Work

    Shifting Lines

    'I'm writing for a different destination'

    The wildlife sanctuary at Cley is the inspiration and research space for Mona Arshi’s new collection of poems. Working with sound artist, musician and recordist Peter Cusack, Arshi has assembled a library of sounds and experiences from the famed nature reserve. Poetry and sound will come together to create an elemental, immersive experience of one of Norfolk’s prime nature areas.

    Mona Arshi

    Mona Arshi worked as a human rights lawyer at Liberty before she started writing poetry.…

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  • Where Do Stories Come From? Explore the Work

    Where Do Stories Come From?

    Participate in the writer's process

    What does it feel like to begin to imagine a novel? Acclaimed novelist Tash Aw gives audience members intimate insight into the writer’s creative process. Beginning in a far-away country, listening to the sounds of the night and his inner thought, the novelist begins to construct a world. The viewer will be a participant in the story-writing, allowing them to become an author of their own imagined work.

    Tash Aw

    Tash is the author of three novels – The Harmony Silk Factory (2005), which won…

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  • Eleanor Explore the Work


    An augmented reality walk into the past

    ‘Eleanor’ is a multimedia project exploring the controversial life of Lady Eleanor Talbot, who lived in Norwich and is thought to be buried in Whitefriars. A guided immersive walk resurrects Eleanor as well as taking us on a journey into the history of the city. Gowar gives the audience a chance to participate in the construction of a powerful story of the life of a young woman who speaks to us across time about gender, power and history.

    Imogen Hermes Gowar

    Imogen Hermes Gowar’s debut historical novel, The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock, was shortlisted for the…

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  • The Living Book Explore the Work

    The Living Book

    A virtual world we can build together

    The youth-focussed project ‘Living Book’ offers a virtual future world that we can all build together. It’s often said that the future is ours to imagine. So what will our world look like as the climate emergency begins to change our world in appreciable ways? A collective, emerging imaginarium is brought to life through 360 degree video and virtual and augmented reality, allowing young people to create their own book of the future.

    Mitch Johnson

    After graduating from the University of East Anglia with an award-winning first class degree in…

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  • Senseless Explore the Work


    Take control of a theatre experience

    James McDermott’s new play could not be more timely, as many of us cope with unprecedented restrictions on our lives. Projections, 3D animations and graphics will created an augmented reality experience for the actors and the audience, who will be able to participate in the construction of this story of love, longing and the challenges of communicating how we really feel.

    James McDermott

    Recent UEA Scriptwriting MA graduate, James McDermott has built a reputation as one of the…

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