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An interactive walk that blurs the lines between modern and medieval Norwich, fact and fiction, faith and science.

Begin your outdoor adventure at Castle Meadow in Norwich any time you like (look for a poster as your starting point) or experience the ‘at home’ version here –

Human bones have been discovered in Whitefriars in Norwich.

Could they be the mortal remains of the controversial Lady Eleanor Talbot – the woman whose secrets had the power to topple dynasties?

Using a combination of augmented reality software and audio, accessible via a specially-devised web app on your phone, Imogen Hermes Gowar’s interactive walk blurs the lines between modern and medieval Norwich, fact and fiction, faith and science, in pursuit of the real Eleanor Talbot.

As you explore the half-forgotten city of Eleanor’s time – its ruined monasteries and quiet quayside, its new builds jostling with ancient walls – you will discover history in process. Who writes the past, and how? Where do we get our facts from, and what happens when they are disproved? And can cutting-edge science really transform what we know about this overlooked woman?

Follow Imogen Hermes Gowar’s journey as she seeks to bring Eleanor back to life through fiction, historical documents, and the results of extraordinary new archaeological research. Who was Eleanor Talbot? And what really happened to her?

What conclusion will you draw?

Part podcast, part novel, part diary, this groundbreaking combination of historical fiction and archaeological breakthrough invites the ‘reader’ to observe up close and personal the story-writing process. The walk, which can be taken alone or in a group, at any time of day, is brought to life with geolocative AR and an authentic score by early music specialist Jean-Pierre Rasle.

Head for Castle Meadow in Norwich and use this poster as the starting point of your adventure.


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Imogen Hermes Gowar


Professor Rebecca Stott

UEA Lead

Sandy Nuttgens

Sound Design and Engineering

Jean Pierre Rasle

Original Music

Claire Lacey

(Voice) Eleanor

Imogen Hermes Gowar

(Voice) Imogen

Oliver Westlake

(Voice) Instructions/Navigation

Mia Nuttgens

Other Voices

Amy English

Other Voices

Sophie Mellor

Software Development

Dane Watkins

Software Development

Nicolò Carpignoli

AR Technical Advisor

Simon Poulter


Tim Wright

Executive Producer

Wes Brown

CHASE Researcher & Web Editor

Venue Partner

Norfolk Museum Services

Norfolk Museums Service (NMS) is a joint museums service led by Norfolk County Council and supported by the seven city and district councils of Norfolk. NMS operates 10 museums across the County and is also responsible for Museums Development within the East of England. NMS cares for Designated Collections of national and international importance, alongside some of the County’s most important listed buildings and historical monuments.