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The Living Book

What will the world be like 50 years from now?

Enjoy a free immersive 360-VR experience online at

Available to try on a VR headset, on a desktop/laptop, on a smartphone and as a Google Cardboard* experience.

*We recommend that you download the YouTube app on your phone before trying to play this version of the experience.

Living Book is an immersive experience that invites us to explore the long-term consequences of climate change in a virtual world, as imagined by children today.

Inspired by children’s author Mitch Johnson and created in collaboration with students from two Norfolk schools, this 360 virtual reality imaginarium spans cities and deserts, mountains and beaches, forests and factories, bringing to life the effects that global warming could have on these environments and our everyday lives.

The work consists of a collection of 360 degree videos and audio, interlinked by a ‘minimap’ for navigation. The experience can be viewed on desktop, mobile or VR platforms using the device’s web browser. A user simply chooses a destination on the minimap to start exploring a world, and uses the logo at the centre of the map to switch between climate scenarios for that world. The Cardboard option is available but comes without user navigation – you’ll look around a destination and will automatically be taken to the next one after a short time.

Choose a destination on the navigation sphere to start exploring a world, and switch between climate scenarios.


If you’ve enjoyed this work, please take two minutes to give us your feedback at

Your feedback will help us make improvements and continue to offer this programme to the general public for free.


Mitch Johnson


Dan Shorten

Creative Director

Fergus Kerr

Lead Video Designer

Reuben Cohen

Assistant Video Designer

Viktor Mileika

Assistant Video Designer

Charlotte Cross


Danielle Da Costa


Em Dethick-Jones


Robbie Lynch


Fiona Newton


Louise Starling


Robert Starling


Marios Aristopoulos

Composer (Arctic Dystopia)

Peter Longworth

Conductor (Arctic Dystopia)

Nicola Clifton

Composer (Forest Utopia & River Dystopia)

Niria Dejanovic Alvarez

Composer (Credits Theme)

Eleanor Fineston-Robertson

Composer (Urban Utopia & Dystopia)

Liam Fuller

Composer (River Utopia & Main Menu Theme)

Jenny Shen

Composer (Forest Dystopia)

Chester Tribley

Composer (Arctic Utopia & Coastal Dystopia)

Isabel Woodings

Composer (Coastal Utopia)

Robert Southby

Sound Designer & Implementation

Guildhall Session Orchestra Music

Music Performance & Recording

Marios Aristopoulos

Audio Director, Music Performance & Recording

Julian Hepple

Recording Engineer

Luca Ansell


Mena Ansell


Hannah Tough

UEA Outreach Faculty Widening Participation Officer

Lucy Schofield

UEA Outreach Faculty Widening Participation Administrative Assistant

Jasmin Kirkbride

UEA Student/Project Coordinator

Madeline Donnelly

UEA Student

Louise Dulfo-Stagg

UEA Student

Erin Ketteridge

UEA Student

Sally Piper

UEA Student

Emily Reeves

UEA Student

Ellie Watson

UEA Student

City Academy Norwich

Student Contributions

Flegg High Ormiston Academy

Student Contributions

Richard Moores

Technical Supervisor

Isaac Clarke

Website Developer

Black Shuck Co-op

Giovani Rossi

Video Designer

Clare Partington

Production Manager

Kim Nicholson

Production Assistant

Kieron Tilley

Account Director

Sophie Scott-Brown

UEA Lead

Tim Wright

Executive Producer

Wes Brown

CHASE Researcher & Web Editor

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