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Pop! A new, action-packed adventure from Mitch Johnson

Congratulations to Future and Form author Mitch Johnson, whose uproariously funny, action-packed new adventure about the power of courage and standing up for what’s right was published this month.

Mitch has been working on The Living Book as part of Future and Form where audiences are invited to imagine what the world will look like in 50 years time and explore the consequences of climate change in a 360 degree imaginarium.

Pop! sees the author fuse similarly pivotal ethical questions around a compelling, fast-paced narrative aimed at a young adult readership.

Queenie stares out at the ocean and dreams of a world beyond her small-town. She’s about to get her wish…

When the priceless recipe to the world’s most popular drink – thought to be lost forever – washes up at her feet, Queenie’s life instantly changes. Everyone wants it, and with a $10 million bounty on her head, Queenie’s soon on the run.

Pursued by bounty hunters, black-ops helicopters and angry mobs, Queenie’s journey involves a trip to Area 51, a man-eating alligator and an unlikely new friend, Todd.

But being on the run also makes Queenie begin to see the world around her more clearly – a world in which a big corporation’s excess has left the planet covered in its plastic bottles and waste. Suddenly, the home she always dreamed of escaping, and the ocean she grew up with and took for granted, don’t seem so bad.

If Queenie and Todd can bring down the bad guys, maybe she can go back home and make a difference…

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  • The Living Book

    Visions of climate change in a VR world

    01 — 01

    Inspired by children’s author Mitch Johnson and created in collaboration with students from two Norfolk schools.

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