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Introducing our Research

Our research on Future and Form will explore how authors working collaboratively with creative technologies changes the role of the author, how these new mediums might facilitate changes in perceptions of the literary and how digital forms might foster greater inclusivity.

We will investigate how multi-modal forms of writing extend the practices of authorship and readership, consider how far the works push the boundaries of literary form and seek to understand how audiences experience new forms of literature.

In addition to academic outputs, we will produce a report on an overview of our research and publish key findings on our website.

Our researchers collaborate with the steering group, technology and venue partners, authors and readers to gather evidence using a number of research methods.

These include:

· Gathering qualitative and quantitative data from authors and readers describing the changing nature of their practice
· Recording the production process with the digital partners, which will include continued observation of meetings and interviews with the digital teams
· Survey in audiences for qualitative data regarding their perception of the project and track medium term engagement after the experience
· Creating demographic map of user engagement using The Audience Agency’s audience spectrum pen portraits
· User testing and A/B testing of participants
· Consider the new form literature in relation to existing literary forms
· Explore the site-specific and extra-spatial possibilities of how the projects were experienced
· Following up with online surveys, email surveys and web data
· Synthesising audience data gathered by venues and contextualising within contemporary cultures of publishing, writing and reading